Overall Rental Costs

The overall bubble soccer rental cost will depend on how you structure the game. You may order bubble balls for all players or substitute players during the course of the game. Our Event Coordinator can also assist you to build a special package for your group.  Our minimum rental is 8 bubble balls. You may be able to customize the final quote based on the number of bubble balls you order, duration of play and also the number of players. The overall cost may vary between $18 to $30 per player depending upon the location and how you structure the game. Contact our Event Coordinator and we will be glad to provide you a package that fits within your budget.

In order to get a quote please send us an email at booknow@bubblesoccertoronto.ca or simply call or text us at 647-657-6090 for current rates and discounts in equipment rentals or simply click on “Get a Quote” at the bottom of this page.

Rental cost estimate

Rental Cost usually starts at $20 to $25  per bubble ball for up to 2 hours rental including the setup and tear down time depending on the type of bubble ball. This will allow you at least 1 hour guaranteed playtime. There are other factors that may affect the overall cost e.g. duration of play and group size.

Other costs that may need to consider are the additional items that you may need to order for the event, venue charges or City permit fee, etc and the delivery charges. We also offer a ‘flat rate’ option for large groups and for school events.

For accurate quote email us at booknow@bubblesoccertoronto.ca and we will provide you an exact quote with a couple of options to choose from depending on your budget.


***From time to time we run promotions and offer special discounts. Please check with our representative for our special offers and discounts.***


We offer special DISCOUNTED packages for the following events. The rental cost may vary from $12 per hour to $20 per hour depending upon the duration of play.

Birthday party packages

Corporate Events Packages

School packages

College or University packages

Church and fundraising packages

In order to get a quote please send us an email at booknow@bubblesoccertoronto.ca or simply call us at 647-657-6090 or simply click on “Get a Quote” .


In order to organize a bubble soccer game what you need is bubble balls. You need to determine what size of bubble balls you require for your group. We have provided bubble balls sizes that fit most people with the height and weight of an individual. As a thumb rule, anyone less than 12 years of age require small bubble balls. Anyone over this age group may require medium or small bubble ball. Once you have determined the sizes of the bubble balls, you are good to go for ordering. You may simply click “Get a Quote” button provided at the end of this page or order online.

As a minimum, you need 8 players to play 4 on 4 bubble soccer game. If the number of players is more than 8, you may sub-in players. This will reduce per player charges. Whatever the case may be,  you can either order a bubble for everyone and substitute players. The duration of play will depend on the group size.

Do I need additional items such as soccer nets and soccer ball etc? Generally, soccer nets are provided by the venue however if you are organizing a game outdoors, soccer nets may be required. Alternatively, you may order pylons with no additional cost to you. You may also bring your own soccer ball to play, thereby avoid paying for it separately.

Do we need a generator: The generator is only required if there is no power outlet near the venue. Other items; you may order other items per your needs. Please check our product list for details or contact our Event Coordinator at 647-657-6090 (24-hour service- Text only)

Recommended Bubble Ball Sizes:

Small size bubble balls (1.2M)Suitable Weight range :66-110 lbs
Recommended Height3.9 to 5.1 ft
Medium size bubble balls (1.5M)Suitable Weight range : 110-230 lbs
Recommended Height: 5.2 to 6.5 ft
Large size bubble balls (1.7M)Suitable Weight range : 230 -260lbs
Recommended Height:6.5 to 7.2ft

Product List and Ordering Procedure : You may simply fill out the form provided in the BOOKING PROCEDURE’ or simply click GET A QUOTE or place your order online by selecting the items as provided below: