• Step 1: Assemble your team

    Once you have determined the group and team sizes, the next step is to find out what needs to be rented for the game. Please see the section BUBBLE RENTAL for more details.

  • Step 2: Determine what to rent?

    How to determine what additional items are required?

    Some of the additional items may be essential in a typical bubble soccer game depending upon where you are playing and your budget. We offer a wide variety of these items on a very reasonable rental. Alternatively, you may also bring some of these items on your own e.g. generator, soccer ball, goal posts/nets, pylons, whistles, pinnies, etc.


    The BubbleSoccerToronto Team will set up the Bubbles, the field and the goals for you. Please arrive earlier to allow us to explain the rules and demonstrate the handling to you. We will provide a supervisor at all times who will assist you as required.