Bubble Soccer Burlington

Bubble Soccer Burlington


Bubble Soccer BURLINGTON, an extension of Bubble Soccer Toronto Inc. Over the years, Bubble Soccer Toronto has acquired a #1 entertainment sport status in BURLINGTON. We promise lots of bumping and even more laughter. As soon as the whistle blows, the bumping, rolling and excitement starts. Once you get into the bubble, we guarantee you will want more. Prepare yourself to laugh for days after!

Bubble Soccer Toronto was the first company to bring this hilarious game to Ontario in 2013. We conducted numerous games in all major Cities and rural Ontario. We provide the same services in BURLINGTON as we provide in Toronto and rest of the GTA.

If you have decided to play Bubble Soccer game look no further. We provide the best quality bubble balls with optimal cost. We will help you create an unforgettable event for anyone 7 years and older. We offer events on an hourly basis. We also offer  bubble soccer packages for special occasions in BURLINGTON.

The way it works is we deliver bubble balls to the location of your choice or our partner locations in BURLINGTON. You pay the same amount for bubble ball rental at any location closer to you as you pay in Toronto. This saves you in travel costs, time and the risk of traveling especially in rush hours.

How do I book a Bubble Soccer Party in BURLINGTON

In order to book a bubble soccer party in BURLINGTON simply fill out a form provided in the  BOOKING PROCEDURE.  Our Event coordinator walks you through the entire booking process. They guide you throughout the process of planning and hosting bubble soccer party. We also encourage you to go over the Bubble Soccer-FAQ provided in our website to clarify m

Bubble Soccer Burlington

Bubble Soccer Burlington

ost of your questions related to planning a bubble soccer party. This will address most  of your questions and concerns. This is an extensive list of Q & A and is prepared based on many years of our experience.

Bubble Soccer is for any occasion such as

-Corporate Events,

-Team Building Event,

-Birthday Parties,

-Fund Raisers

-or just for fun.

Assemble your team and we will take care of the rest.

How much a Bubble Soccer party cost

Our charges remain the same and it cost you the same as you pay in Toronto. The overall cost will depend on

-the group size,

-the number of bubbles required,

-duration of play

-and the type of venue chosen.

For further details please review RENTAL COST SECTION or send us an email at booknow@bubblesocertoronto.ca or simply fill out a form in the BOOKING PROCEDURE section

Bubble Soccer Party packages and Custom order

While you are working on the venue selection and booking, you may also like to consider the party packages or custom order the equipment as per your budget.  Simply email us at booknow@bubblesoccertoronto.ca and let us how we can customize our order to fit within your budget.

Our customer service can always help in structuring the game depending on the group size and your budget. We also announce discounts and special rates from time to time and these rates may or may not be displayed on the website. Therefore please feel free to call or chat with our customer service.

Where to play bubble soccer in BURLINGTON

The first question that most people ask is WHERE TO PLAY  bubble soccer in BURLINGTON?

Bubble Soccer Burlington

Bubble Soccer Burlington

In summer months, you can play bubble soccer anywhere on a smooth grassy surface be it a park, school soccer field (senior or junior) or a regular soccer field closer to where you live or work.

You can book the venue yourself or you can ask our event coordinator to arrange it for you. There are many options in the City where bubble soccer can be played.

This game could be organized either outdoors in a park, a soccer field or indoors in a gymnasium or a turf field.

In some outdoor fields a permit may be required from the City. Therefore early planning is always recommended. Our company assists you in getting the permit from the City.

In order to select the type of the field, you may provide your preferred choices or we can also suggest one where we have already done games in the past. Once you have selected the type and preferred location you may send us a venue booking request.

Recommended indoor Soccer fields to play Bubble Soccer for BURLINGTON

There are a couple of options in BURLINGTON  where you can play. In winter months the venues gets full pretty quickly therefore we request you to plan your event ahead of time. Our team can help you in securing a venue either in City where you wish to host your event or  nearby area.

Community Center Gymnasiums

In case indoor soccer fields are not available, we can also get the permit from the City for the City operated gymnasiums. Please contact our Event Coordinator and we can suggest the gymnasiums where City issues the permit or you may also check and contact them directly

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