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School Events

Bubble Soccer is a great fun idea for schools. This can be done as a stand-alone activity or combine with other activities and placed as one station by rotating players on each station This activity can be a one-hour event for a small group of students or can be organized for very large groups by rotating players. This can be played on one field or multiple fields depending on the age group mixt. Usually, the small size bubble balls fit best to the age group of 7 to 12 years old and medium size bubble ball for 12 years plus students with some exceptions.


Cost of Rental for school events

We offer special packages to the schools. The rental is usually offered on an hourly rental basis and it can vary from $12 to $20 per hour depending on the duration of play.  For a more accurate quote please contact our Event coordinators and they will guide you and offer you the best rate possible that fit your budget.

Insurance coverage

We are a fully insured company and carry a $5m general liability insurance. We also provide coverage to all participants of the game and any accident or injury. On your special request, we can also provide you an insurance certificate and add your school /School board additional insured thereby bringing complete peace of mind to you.

Type of Venue

Most schools have gymnasiums and outdoor soccer fields. Both types of venue option work best for bubble soccer games. That said outdoor soccer fields are always a preferred venue INDOOR SOCCER FIELD1for all school events. In the history of our school events, we have organized 70 5 of the games indoor in a gymnasium. 

Restrictions and age group

Bubble soccer is great fun and excellent fun activity with un-matching laugh out loud (lol) hilarious school moments. This is a very safe activity for schools and we have had no injury in the past 5 years.  This game is best suited for the age groups 7 and over.  We have also organized the events for special needs children however extra supervision may be required for such events.

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