Bubble Soccer Safety Rules


Bubble Soccer Toronto Inc. (BSTO) and Canada Party Crew (CPC) is committed to conduct BUBBLE SOCCER GAMES in a safe manner and hold the safety of participants in high regard. However, participants and parents or guardians of minors registering for the Bubble Soccer event must recognize that there is an inherent risk of injury when choosing to participate in recreational activities of this nature.

It is always advisable, especially if the participant is a pregnant woman, disabled in any way or has recently suffered an illness, injury or impairment, to consult a physician before undertaking any physical activity of this nature.

The safety rules provided hereunder are for guidance only; however additional safety precautions may be necessary depending on the type of venue and nature of participants. The participants must follow all instructions provided to them and use their discretion to participate.


  • The bubble balls or bubble suits are designed for playing bubble soccer. The bubble suit must be used to play bubble soccer only and not a rugby style game.
  • It is strictly forbidden to run from one end to another and hit hard at each other. It is also forbidden to sumo-wrestle or play any such tricks that could possibly damage the bubble suits or cause any harm or injury to other participants.
  • The players must not hit anyone who is not wearing a bubble suit. Also, the players who are outside the bubble must not hit/push the bubble balls when players are still inside the bubble.
  • It is forbidden to hit a player from behind or to aim bubble balls at another player’s legs.  It is forbidden to bump other players without making sure he/she saw you first.
  • Players must not jump over the bubbles, dive inside the bubble, lift the bubbles and throw on other players, sit on top of the bubbles or perform any unsafe activity that can potentially harm them, fellow players or anyone watching them.
  • The players must play the game within the perimeter of the field only and need to remain in the bubble at all times on the designated game area. They must not hit other players towards hard surfaces such as goal posts or towards walls, benches or any such items placed outside the field particularly when playing in a gymnasium.
  • The players must recognize that Bubble Soccer is not a revenge game, so one must not go after a player who pushes or bump them during the game. In any situation, deliberate target hitting of players must be forbidden.
  • Once the players finish playing or want to take off the bubbles during the game, they must take the bubble balls outside the field and store in a horizontal position.
  •  The players or anyone who is not bearing a bubble must not enter inside the playing zone. No one is allowed to hit a player or a staff member who is not involved in the game. Parents or guardians must supervise their children, so they do not enter the field while the game is in progress.
  • Players must ensure that the belts are not too tight or loose and the air pressure in the bubble ball must not be less than 90% and more than 95% at all times.
  • Players must bear the bubbles by entering inside the bubbles from the buckle side only. Their head must be at least 3 to 4 inches inside the bubble balls at all times during the play.
  • Players must use the bubbles appropriate to their body size.
  • The players must not wear any sharp-edged items such as belts, jewelry etc. Irremovable jewelry must be covered. All sharp or breakable objects worn or in the pocket (e.g., keys, phone etc.) need to be taken off before getting into the bubble balls.
  • If the players are feeling tired or exhausted during the game or if they are feeling uncomfortable for any other reason, they must raise their hands or walk outside the field. The game host must stop the game and assist the player.
  • The maximum weight limit for players is 250lbs. Kids need to be at least 115 cm (3.8ft) height to use small size bubble ball. This decision is to be made by the guardians who will be responsible for the adequate use of the bubble by their kids. The minimum age for this game is 7 years and it must be respected at all times.
  • It is unsafe to play bubble soccer in slippery or uneven playing surfaces. The game host must ensure that the field they selected to play must have full grass or turf. Bubble Soccer must not be played on open soil or an uneven surface.

Note: Bubble Soccer is a physical game and injuries, however unlikely, can happen. Bubble Soccer Toronto conducted thousands of games and we are proud to say that we have had no history of bubble soccer injury in the past 5 years or for that matter since we intorduced this product in 2013.  There are no credible bubble soccer statistics for injury available however bubble soccer does pose a risk of getting concussions, whiplash or even in a worst case scenario a head injury, if the safety rules are not followed by the participants.

Players can eliminate the possible injuries by staying within the designated area and watching out for other players. In addition, all rules and regulation as imposed by the venue providers must be adhered to at all times. The organizer of the event must ensure that they obtain this information from the venue provider or our field staff.

The rules and the correct handling of the bubbles will be demonstrated by the Bubble Soccer Toronto team, where possible. The organizers of the event must ensure that all participants must sign the waiver forms provided and ensure that the safety rules are read and understood by all the participants.

 Important: The safety rules must be followed at all times failing which the Bubble Soccer field coordinator has the right to stop or cancel the game with no refund.

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